Friday, November 2, 2012

BrainPop and election game GameUp

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BrainPop's GameUp feature is an awesome online game that can be used by teachers and students as an election simulator to teach players how to campaign for electoral votes, raise funds, check polls, and make appearances that will get you"elected". In addition to running mock elections in school, this tool can really get students engaged in the process of what it's like to be a candidate. By offering students a deeper experience, we are helping them understand how things work and giving them additional tools on their path to being educated, active, and productive citizens as well as helping them mature and define an identity. We are also helping to create an environment that fosters positive teen development and participation which is discussed at length in Serving Urban Teens by Brehm-Heeger.

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  1. I have followed the BrainPop videos for a while. I think they are great. I tried to convince my school that we should subscribe to the BrainPopJr videos without success. Sadly, it didn't even occur to me to check in during this election. Thanks for the reminder to keep checking back.
    Kate K (501)